Pay bills and clear the monthly economy with the credit card

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Often it is an unwelcome and unexpected bill that causes the economy to cope for a month and that you feel the need to take a quick loan. However, for those who have a credit card there are smoother and above all cheaper options. It’s about paying the bill or bills in different ways with the credit card.

If you have a credit card, you can today use three different methods to clear the bill without having to take a quick loan. Below we describe a little about how you can go about it.


Pay with cash from the card

Pay with cash from the card

If you have free credit on your card, you can make withdrawals at any ATM or at the cashier of your grocery store. You can then pay this money through the bank giro or post giro form at the bank or through various giro solutions.

Of course, this method is a little tricky in that you actually have to go to different places to make withdrawals and payments. In addition, you are most likely to pay a fee for both the withdrawal and the giro payment.

A slightly smoother variant on the same theme is to make a digital withdrawal from the credit card to, for example, your payroll account. The credit card then acts more like a credit account from which you withdraw when you need an additional cash. For a transfer from credit card to payroll account you are normally not charged any fees.


Pay via a transfer from the card

Pay via a transfer from the card

Even easier is to pay the bill via a direct transfer from the credit card. The process is similar to that used when you pay a bill in your Internet bank with the difference that you obviously log in to your credit card provider to make the payment.

Making the payment is as easy as paying a bill as usual. You fill in the information requested (amount, OCR number and so on) and then sign with your usual method.

Payment via the credit card provider’s website is a very convenient solution. However, it is far from all credit card issuers offering such a solution. Simply put, it can be said that the supplier is required to have a bank status and can offer all the basic payment services. If you are interested in being able to pay bills directly with your credit card, you should be more careful when comparing credit cards and choosing one that is issued by an operator that is a full-fledged internet bank.


Pay via a third party service

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If your credit card provider cannot offer payment of bills, there are third-party services to contact. The one that has got the biggest spread in Sweden today is probably Agree Bank, but there are other alternatives. Fine Bank is another player to take a closer look at.

There is also a further small hook in choosing a third party service. It is a matter of the fact that there are normally restrictions on which players can be the payee. This is especially true of other lenders and credit companies. If you want to pay interest and repayments to a lender, there is the risk that you cannot do so with a third party service.